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I will host this download for the next year or so, but few updates will be appearing on illuminati-secrets after this post Until the next big development that crops up in this world of scandal that you all need to know about. I have family and I can’t risk ANY affiliation any longer with the spread of this type of information.

Friends, Associates, Partners, Brothers and Sisters – Thank you to you all for the excellent, exciting ride. It’s certainly been an informative, eye opening adventure but now I feel it’s time to pass all this information on to the next would be theorists and whistle blowers.

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Free Masons Have A Big Impact

Before we get as well significantly into the “Illuminati” we may possibly want to ask another query. Who is this group they get in touch with the “Free Masons?” Almost everybody has heard of the Masonic-Temple and the Shriners. In reality my Dad was a Shriner for many years. I also believed of those guys as the ones that drove around in the small cars and dressed up as clowns! They have a Children’s hospital, so they can not be all undesirable, can they? I consider the right answer to that query, is NO, they can not! In reality MOST of them are probably not in the know, if you comprehend what I am saying. You see, there are varying degrees of “Masonry.” The HIGHEST level in the Masons is the 33 degree. There are only a handful of Masons that ever attain that level.

In the wake of the French Revolution, the British Government became uneasy about attainable revolutionary conspiracies. Amongst other repressive measures, Pitt’s government proposed to introduce the Unlawful Societies Act in 1799, which declared that any physique which administered a secret oath was illegal. Acting quickly, a delegation representing the Ancients, Moderns and the Grand Lodge of Scotland arranged a meeting with the Prime Minister. The delegation included the Duke of Atholl, Grand Master of the Ancients, and Previous Grand Master Mason of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, and the Earl of Moira, Acting Grand Master of the Moderns (the Grand Master being the Prince of Wales). As a outcome of this meeting, Freemasons have been particularly excluded from the act, even though lodges have been obliged to return a list of members to the neighborhood Clerk of the Peace, a practice which continued until 196It also demonstrated that the two rival Grand Lodges could act with each other.

For the duration of the Very first Planet War, many American lodges relaxed their opposition to the Grand Orient de France to permit servicemen to engage with other masons whilst in France. Numerous of these continue to permit their members to associate with continental Freemasons.

In between the years 1885 and 1897, L??o Taxil maintained a hoax against each Freemasonry and the Roman Catholic Church, by creating increasingly outlandish claims concerning Freemasonry. On 19 April 1897, Taxil called a press conference at which he claimed he would introduce the “author” of his books to the press. He alternatively announced that his revelations about the Freemasons have been fictitious. Nonetheless, the material is nonetheless utilized on some anti-Masonic web sites these days.

Masonic cufflinks are produced up of different forms of metals like gold, silver, sterling silver, gold plated, steel or bronze which clearly make a decision over their value variety. You can also get cufflinks produced out of valuable stones. These cufflinks are commonly in round and square shape.

Freemasons have many substantial Masonic regalia which they wear in the course of ceremonies or rituals. The members of this fraternity wear the Masonic cufflinks among other regalia to many of their occasions like dedications of Masonic buildings, meetings, cornerstone laying ceremonies, Masonic Shrine Temple functions, funeral services, rituals or Grand Lodge annual communications and so forth. On Masonic Balls held at the Masonic Shrine Temple functions and New Year bashes also Masonic cufflinks are adorned by the masons.

You will uncover all the Grand Master, Grand Lodge officers, members of the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, the Shrine and other members of Freemason society wearing these Masonic cufflinks with a symbol of square and compass with letter ‘G’ inscribed over it. It is stated the 1st Freemasons have been stonemasons or castle makers. Thus their fraternity symbol is containing a square and a compass. There is no particular evidence on precise meaning of Masonry symbol. But normally believed, square denote the earth and virtues of honor, integrity and truth whilst compass is a symbol for spirituality, tolerance and self manage. The ‘G’ on it symbolizes God or Geometry. This emblem or symbol is a trademark of this fraternity and Freemasons show pride and faith by adorning it.

Some cufflinks also carry a logo of the Freemasons fraternity. The cufflinks of Scottish Rite show the double-headed eagle emblem whilst that of Shrine cufflinks have their Masonic logo of the claw, sphinx and scimitar emblem on them.

Masonic cufflinks are produced up of different forms of metals like gold, silver, sterling silver, gold plated, steel or bronze which clearly make a decision over their value variety. You can also get cufflinks produced out of valuable stones. These cufflinks are commonly in round and square shape. Apart from carrying a faith they also denote royalty and peculiarity of the masons. These cufflinks are ornamented and are intricately carved with consideration to detail looking gorgeous on the cuffs. The Masonic cuff fasteners are sophisticated and classic. Antique Masonic cufflinks are among the collectibles of many Masonic.

You can acquire these Masonic cufflinks from Freemason’s neighborhood shop or search for them on the internet. Numerous web sites or auction websites sell the Masonic regalia on the internet. They show the value, picture and other information about the cufflinks along with delivery or shipment information on their site. If you are purchasing in bulk attractive discounts on the solution might follow.

It is nicely identified and that the Freemasons date back to at least the 1700′s and most likely even additional than that. In those days, it was simply a gathering of stonemasons that enjoyed every single other’s fellowship. It grew over the years as to what we now know as the Freemasons. It would seem a lot more emphasis is placed on the fellowship as opposed to the literal sense of the trade of masonry.

Numerous of the symbols the Craft makes use of spend homage to the original Freemasons, the medieval stonemasons, and include the tools of their trade such as the square, compass, level, gavel, trowel gauge and apron. The Pillars on the porch and their symbolism play a large function in the initiation ceremony of the Freemason Fellowcraft degree. In the Bible the pillars are named Jachin and Boaz, and they stood at the entrance to the Temple of Solomon. King Solomon’s Master Mason Hiram Abiff is significantly revered in Freemasonry, and symbols from the Temple of Solomon are widespread. The letter G is a extremely visible symbol of Freemasonry. God and geometry are deeply embedded in the Craft. Symbols involving the letter are a lot more widespread in American and Canadian Masonry but much less frequently in British and European Masonry. The all-seeing eye, also identified as the eye of providence is a Masonic symbol. The all-seeing eye inside an equilateral triangle which can either point up or down appears in Christendom as a symbol of the Holy trinity and is typically identified in Masonic art and rituals. It is meant to remind Masons of the Supreme Getting and the watchful eye that acts as judge over his words and actions. Anti-Freemasons typically cite the pentagram as a Satanic symbol linked to Freemasonry. The pentagram, a 5-pointed star, has no historical hyperlink to Satanism and is not utilized as a ritual symbol or in any lectures or teachings inside the Craft. It is, even so, utilized as an ornament on seals and banners of Grand Lodges and by lodge Masters and Grand Masters on their collars of office. Bee Hives are commonly depicted Freemasons symbols. The Bee Hive represents the humility and significance of a powerful group-primarily based operate ethic. It also symbolizes the practice of secrecy, as only the busy bees know what requires location inside the hive. It is alleged that in 1791, Pierre Charles L’enfant the designer responsible for arranging the Washington DC street, road and developing method, hid many Freemason symbols, that are stated to be linked to the occult, inside these plans.

Illuminati Reptilians Has A Big Impact

Yes, the Bilderbergs are the most current manifestation of this theorized conspiracy. Ahead of it was the Trilateral Comission and the CFR prior to that. Fagan even went so far as to say the Council of Vienna during the Napoleonic Wars was an Illuminati scam. Of course, in order for the story to make sense, he makes a hero of the Russian Czar. We all know what fantastic humanitarians the Russian Czars have been.

Historical texts from Atlantis are obtainable for the handful of and privy in the Vatican’s underground libarary, which spans 18 square miles. Former Vatican curators attest to this. A lot of history was covered up and rewritten by the Vatican during the Middle Ages. Throughout the Crusades, libraries have been invaded and texts stolen and deposited in hidden locations, including that library.

Also, there is no mention of hatred for any of your so-called ‘liberals’ in David Ickes books, interviews or videos. He pokes fun at the antics of folks he views as being component of a ‘hidden agenda’, and though he appears to find many people’s actions altogether sinister, he does not condemn them. And if you haven’t read, listened to and watched a majority of David Icke’s material (which I have, objectively), then you have no authority. Right?

In addition, I will inform you that I know for a reality that there certainly was such a civilisation. The Earth was colonised by beings from the Draco star program, who brought their genetic stock with them, those being dinosaurs, avians, and other Reptilian animals. Reptiles are a paraphyletic group, and do not originate on the identical planet as mammals. They are distantly connected, but that is one more subject to be discussed at one more time.

If folks would turn off their TVs, take their kids out of public college, and get a grip on reality, items would modify rather swiftly. The New Planet Order knows this, and are creating an work to implement far more sophisticated mind-manage technology to keep the population in line. They are also foolishly involved in their personal internal war at the time, between two of the 13 households, and each of their allies. These households can be named as Rothschild and Windsor (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha). Watch them, and their pawns, and you will realize many of current events that otherwise seem chaotic–to the unwashed masses.

Aaronovitch is definately accused by Icke, as I keep in mind reading Icke’s allegations about him on his website a handful of years back. The identical goes for Pat Robertson. Even so, I can not find the webpages and significantly of his site actually appears to be closed and has been for some time so browsing the archive is challenging. The only other reference to Icke’s claims about Aaronovitch I can find is on the Aaronovitch Watch weblog, not certain if a weblog is any use even, as is this case, if the details has been posted in an article by the webmaster rather than just an messageboard poster.

I agree that the article certainly more than-emphasizes the allegations of Anti-Semitism to a fantastic extent. At least in Europe outside the UK these charges are unheard of. Even though I have heard many, many mentions of Icke in connection to his conspiracy and spiritual theories, I had in no way even heard of any such “controversy”. So from an international viewpoint they genuinely are not so relevant to a discussion of the man. It is of course worth mentioning that such accusations have been made, and that Icke denies them, but one particular sentence or at most a paragraph would be effectively sufficient for this, certainly not an entire section.

When the Draco colonised, the devastation brought on by the gravitic liason between their artifical comet, now called Venus, and the Earth, brough landforms to the surface for the initial time. Previously all of the Earth was covered in ocean, ranging from deep to shallow waters that covered most of the continents almost entirely. There have been only amphibian-type lifeforms on the Earth at that time, as evidence by the fossil record. A mass extinction of crustaceans and shallow-sea lifeforms occured. This is also shown very clearly. Abruptly, reptilian animals and their predecessors began to seem as a result of Draco colonisation of the newly formed continents, particularly one particular in the Pacific Ocean area. This continent was the biggest ever to exist, and is now referred to as Lemuria. Components of it are increasing to the surface as a result of geological activity in the Hawaiian and Indonesian regions, including the Ache earthquake. Lemurian Temples depicting reptilian gods and figures nonetheless exist, as effectively as huge pyramids, on raised land in the Pacific.

Most likely many of these claims come from Icke’s far more current books and I never personal any of his books so certainly somebody who does could confirm whether or not or not he has definately accused these folks and give the sources. Otherwise, there does not seem to be many sources on the net for a handful of of these folks. It could be less complicated to confirm sources soon after Icke gets his webpage sorted out and unless other sources can be identified beforehand, it may possibly be smart to delete some of the names for the time-being.

I appreciate that Wikipedia has to deal in information for which there is supply evidence, rather than opinion. Even so, I find it challenging to come to any other conclusion other than that David was a person who went from mid-life crisis into mental breakdown only for his ostracisation by society to tip in into freefall delusion. It’s challenging not to really feel sympathy, and I never mean to be patronising saying that.

Some American citizens had the very good sense to ask, “why does the gift’s pedestal expense as significantly as the gift itself and why must we foot the bill for our personal gift?” ?? Americans living outside of New York considered it New York’s statue. “Let New York spend for it!” To make matters worse, the wealthy French and American elite have been allergic to the word ?????non-profit’ and wanted no component of the costly ?????non-profit’ project.

Illuminati Music Has A Massive Impact

Display of Sign: Some people that mentioned that Illuminati are real revealed that the musicians and the notable males and females show common sign when they play in their music show or on other occasions. The so named Illuminati musicians contain Jay Z, Rehanna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga and so on. What I want to ask the people that think in this is: were you there when it was taking place? 1 thing with pop musicians is that they like ”Swag”. They can really feel like adopting a certain symbol of their selection. There are those that mentioned Pope Benedict (XVI) displays the same sign. The question I am asking persons of this type is “what relationship do you have with Pope Benedict (XVI)? Is Pope Benedict (XVI) your uncle or your elder brother?

The ritual approach in which these artists go via is a crazy thing. If you know something about the illuminati, you know that their all round objective is to take more than the control of the world’s population. And the music business is apart of the illuminati’s agenda in order to accomplish their objective society try’s to get people on the thoughts set of that you need to reside a life aimed toward becoming famous and rich. And there are people in this planet that would do something to get there. This is where artists come in and they want to break into the business. But in order to sign with the “large record companies” (illuminati-news.com) they have to be willing to operate with the illuminati’s agenda. Think about it, what controls who gets famous? The media does, if the media does not make a large deal about it no one really knows about the topic. So with these famous artists they got there with the aid of the media. Now, who controls the media? The strong leaders of the illuminati do, with the primary one getting Satan. The most famous celebrates make a deal with the devil in order to become famous. What is this deal, you might ask? You trade your soul to him for fame and fortune. There have been numerous artists that have hinted to this really taking place via their songs or interviews. An instance of a song is by Rihanna named “Disturbia.” Through out the song she sings about getting in this trap in which she cannot get out of saying that it is “a illness of the thoughts it can control you” (AZLyrics.com). Yet another is Eminem in “Not Afraid” he raps about how he is going to adjust for the greater saying “I’m breaking out of this cage, I’m standing up, Imma face my demons” (DirectLyrics.com). He is not caring about his deal that he produced and is going to move on. In an interview with Bob Dylan on 60 Minutes, you can see how there is one thing not correct. He is hinting towards promoting his soul to the devil particularly when he says “I produced a bargain with it a lengthy time ago??? to get to where I am nowadays” (Bob Dylan, You tube). Soon after he mentioned that quote he does not clearly state whom he produced the bargain with but does not refer to God but to an additional that he refers to as the “chief” (Bob Dylan, You tube).

Illuminati Ritual Rocks

Music has connected folks all through the years, ranging from a number of genres. It has a dark secret lying within its lyrics though. Symbolism, subliminal messages, and the ritual method all have anything to do with the music industry’s connection with the illuminati. They have a higher agenda with intentions of not doing very good things. Artists are brainwashed to do the illuminati’s operate for them and their fans stick to what they do. You have to listen to the lyrics and not the beat. Read among the lines and you will see how corrupt they can be.

The ritual method in which these artists go via is a crazy thing. If you know something about the illuminati, you know that their general objective is to take over the handle of the world’s population. And the music market is apart of the illuminati’s agenda in order to achieve their objective society try’s to get folks on the thoughts set of that you require to reside a life aimed toward becoming well-known and wealthy. And there are folks in this globe that would do something to get there. This is where artists come in and they want to break into the market. But in order to sign with the “big record companies” (illuminati-news.com) they have to be willing to operate with the illuminati’s agenda. Consider about it, what controls who gets well-known? The media does, if the media does not make a big deal about it no one particular really knows about the subject. So with these well-known artists they got there with the aid of the media. Now, who controls the media? The effective leaders of the illuminati do, with the main one particular being Satan. The most well-known celebrates make a deal with the devil in order to turn into well-known. What is this deal, you may well ask? You trade your soul to him for fame and fortune. There have been a number of artists that have hinted to this really taking place via their songs or interviews. An example of a song is by Rihanna called “Disturbia.” Via out the song she sings about being in this trap in which she can’t get out of saying that it is “a illness of the thoughts it can handle you” (AZLyrics.com). Yet another is Eminem in “Not Afraid” he raps about how he is going to alter for the greater saying “I am breaking out of this cage, I am standing up, Imma face my demons” (DirectLyrics.com). He is not caring about his deal that he created and is going to move on. In an interview with Bob Dylan on 60 Minutes, you can see how there is anything not proper. He is hinting towards selling his soul to the devil particularly when he says “I created a bargain with it a lengthy time ago??? to get to where I am nowadays” (Bob Dylan, You tube). Right after he stated that quote he does not clearly state whom he created the bargain with but does not refer to God but to yet another that he refers to as the “chief” (Bob Dylan, You tube).

The Illuminati have constructed their energy soley on their handle of music. Come on folks it really is what we hear although driving, working out, sitting out ont he deck. You can’t escape music, that is why they took the liberty of controling it. But you ask how? If you just listen to some these musicians, you can see they aren’t that very good. They are lyrics are repeated via most of their songs and get you’ll start to get bored. But then how are these musicians so very good. Only one particular answer: They must sell their soul to the devil or Lucifer. Lucifer is the entity the Illuminati worship and they plan to release hell on Earth. All common artist must indeed sell their souls for money, fame ,and/or energy. I know this since I see hundreds of awesome artists who aren’t recognized for their talent. Some who can’t even be accepted into the enterprise. The cause is since the illuminati do not want any musician who hasn’t sold their soul to hog up any radio time. That time is reserved for devil worshipping artist who has indeed sold their life. If you can recognize this, specific songs you hear aren’t played on the radio. All you hear presently is Lil Wayne, Jay-z , Drake, and blah blah. And some days they play one particular song 15 occasions. I remember when Drake’s song “More than” was released everytime I turned on the radio, that is the only song i heard. They would kill it, and by 2 weeks that song hadn’t been so wack compared to the 1st time i heard it. You get it. Furthermore, Artists also rep illuminati signs in music videos to earn a lot more money from illuminati. You see, the illuminati spend well-known folks a lot more money if they throw up certains signs. The most well-known folks who do this routinely is Jay-Z and Kanye West. Jay-Z and Kanye west continuously throw up Devil Signs.(Click right here and right here for a lot more information.) Lyrics from artists also hold hidden messages that hyperlink to their connection with the devil and illuminati. For instance, Nicki Minaj’s song “Moment four Life” is about her ritual to sell her soul. And Lady Gaga’s song Bad Romance is hidden to show her love for Lucifer(devil) and how significantly she loves him. Lady Gaga is in fact the most devil worshipping Singer out there. If you just spend attention and watch closely you can see hundreds of artists flash the “Hand Triangle”, “A-OK 666 finger Sign”, and “Devil Horns.

Spiritualism is a way of life in which the seeker dedicates his complete life towards spiritual pursuits to obtain the information of the ultimate God and inner selves. Several seekers are drawn to this path to attain a variety of kinds of mystical energy and miraculous experiences, being bestow upon by committed practise. Spiritual illuminati are an sophisticated seeker that practices the mystical form of faith for enlightenment. There are the distinct paths to experience the supreme, like devotion, renunciation, mystical tactics and so forth.

The Illuminati Secret Society Its Origin And Control

The illuminati is alive right now. Appear around!Its everywhere. Motion pictures, songs, singers, actors, and so forth. You just have to spend consideration! This planet is receiving worse and worse. The devil wants to take over!We have to stand up for this! We have to turn to God. And give your life to HIM! He WILL save you. And you will live forever(:

I don’t imply the whole idea of the Illuminati and Totally free Masons – I imply the paintings and artwork. A sculpture with a demonic figure popping out of a suitcase. Scenes of destruction, death, kids weeping bitterly. A surreal figure with an AK47 and sword, wearing a gasmask.

Numerous recent and present-day fraternal organizations claim to be descended from the original Bavarian Illuminati and openly use the name “Illuminati.” Some such groups use a variation on “The Illuminati Order” in the name of their organization, whilst other people such as the Ordo Templi Orientis use “Illuminati” as a level inside their organization’s hierarchy. Nonetheless, there is no proof that these present-day groups have amassed significant political power or influence, and they market unsubstantiated hyperlinks to the Bavarian Illuminati as a implies of attracting membership as an alternative of attempting to remain secret.

Founded in Upper Bavaria as the Illuminati Order, the movement very first had five members by Adam Weishaupt, educated by Jesuits. At the University of the Ingolstadt, he was the 1st canon law lay professor. This was produced up as freethinkers and their model was the Freemasons, an off shoot of the Enlightenment. The members of the Illuminati took a secrecy vow and pledged to be obedient to the persons superior to them. There had been three classes for members, each with numerous degrees and from current lodges that had been Masonic, numerous chapters of Illuminati drew members.

Here’s what makes sense to me: such an organization that is focused mainly (as the name Illuminati suggests) on Enlightenment by means of Power will oppose ANY ideology or morals that oppose it and use ANY ideology that furthers its power or the preservation of its power. So, to get in touch with the Illuminati “Leftist” or “Marxist” or “Anti-Christian” is certainly correct, but only half correct. If they certainly did back the French Revolution, that is not to imply that the Revolution with the stated targets of empowering the Folks had been EVIL, its just that manipulating the targets of the Revolution for their personal ends suited their wants at the time. As the rise in Communist/Populist movements in the late 19th early 20th century spread, this would most likely have produced a wonderful opportunity to depose old long standing rulers (like the Tzars) who would have opposed them and supplied for Regimes (like the Totalitarian Bolsheviks) who would aggressively handle their personal populace as they saw match and further their personal ends to preserve or improve their power.

The Bundy family is considered 1 of the thirteen family bloodlines of the Illuminati for their close ties with the Kennedy and Onassis families. Specifically a man by the name of McGeorge Bundy is theorized to have kept specific info away from JFK’s ears, and did the identical soon after JFK was assassinated with President Johnson. He became Sec. Adviser of the United States, so he was in a position to filter out what the President did and did not hear. He was also said to have taken component in the theft of an additional politician’s wealth, mainly for the achieve of power. Far more than 1 of the Bundy family members is accused of being Masons and avid Satanists.

Man is such a flawed and pathetic life kind. He seems to think that he is truly important in the scheme of things. Species have come and gone and man will to. The endless futile debate about the battle among God and the Devil is extremely amusing. Right here we have supposed beings of limitless power having absolutely nothing greater to do than fight 1 an additional as man does, come on give me a break there is the truth men and women seek, its a produced up story by mankind for their greedy selfish ends. Whether or not the Illuminati or who ever exist, what does it matter. History is complete of proof that absolutely nothing final forever and things constantly change. If any so called “secret society” is planning for planet domination (shades of Pinky and the Brain) they may attain it but then a person else will eventually move them aside and so the pathetic kind that is man will muddle on by means of the identical garbage till the earth tires of him or till he destroys himself

Illuminati New World Order About To Start?

So where does the evil come from in the “New World Order” doctrine? It comes from the fact that in this New World Order, the “God” that they have you worshipping is Satan, the Devil, Diablo, Shaytaan, or what ever name he is named by. The largest trick they have employed is convincing you to worship this becoming with out you even knowing it. The God notion we have accepted has us believing in an evil, two-faced, flesh consuming becoming. This is what the New World Order is about.

Equally there are a growing quantity of individuals concerned about the total-surveillance and manage aspect of western society. This dangerous development is typically named the New World Order by these who believe that there is a program rather than incompetence and ignorance behind it.

Passion: In the old world of advertising and marketing and the traditional five P’s, Passion was not all that critical. In fact, it was probably a adverse. Back then you left your passions at house when we went to work. Remember, “work” employed to be a location you went rather than some thing you did. In today’s new planet order, work has to be far more than just a location you go and passion has to be some thing you take with you – everywhere you go.

Greece had a democracy i.e. a democratic representative type of government. Then democracy disappeared for over two,500 years only to resurface in the American Revolutionary War. “A government of the individuals by the individuals” i.e. self rule. Such an American format of self rule has been copied by dozens of countries about the planet following the American Revolutionary War. Democratic self rule has been a limited resolution against the tyranny and oppression of absolutist forms of government that have plagued the planet such as monarchy, dictatorship, and theocracies. A limited resolution due to ever present legislative corruption amongst elected representatives of the individuals. Statues of Abraham Lincoln dot numerous countries about the globe as a symbol of worldwide democracy and self rule. Then – and with out a revolution, battle, a shot becoming fired, or so significantly as a ripple on the water, metaphorically a highly venomous viper slithered into the world’s home of democracies, and replaced this democratic type of government i.e. self rule about the globe, cementing in a New World Order in the 21st Century, of corporations governing nations. As they say, “cash talks” and buys governments and legislatures, – for the proper price tag.

Most religions see a kingdom that is ruled by their faith. They view other folks religions as wrong or religions of the devil. They feel that if every person had been the religion that they practice, the planet would be a better location. So the ideology of a “New World Order” is not inheritably evil. It is actually a all-natural feeling for individuals not to accept other folks who are distinct from themselves.

The time confirmed axiom that nonetheless applies is “Energy corrupts. Absolute energy corrupts definitely”. If these multinational corporations can invent wars, generate genocide, and take twenty to thirty jobs away from American workers,” an ocean of jobs, it seems the “multies” can do anything they want concerning altering America’s future and determining the fate of the American individuals. Lets apply the Litmus Test of corruption. Does the corporate New World Order actually personal Congress? Has any U. S. Congressperson rose up to quit the “multies” from orchestrating three hoax wars or outsourcing 30 million American jobs to Asia? The answer is an resounding NO. Hence, it seems the “multies” do personal Congress. Why hasn’t Congress stopped the “multies”? Because the United States Congress has sold out to the trillion dollar “multies” for campaign contributions guaranteeing their re-election and then some in private accounts to assure their financial future. It appear the U. S. Congress is decaying from its personal corruption and taking the Nation down with it. The United States Treasury becoming drained, 14 trillion dollars in debt, three hoax wars (study The Case for Impeachment), genocides, and thirty million American jobs gone to Asia, all at the hands of this New World Order, and Congress has accomplished absolutely nothing ? Congress’s silence concerning multinational corporate tyranny and Congress’s sell-out corruption is a deafening roar and really an apparent happening.

five.) Passion: In the old planet of advertising and marketing and the traditional five P’s, Passion was not all that critical. In fact, it was probably a adverse. Back then you left your passions at house when we went to work. Remember, “work” employed to be a location you went rather than some thing you did. In today’s new world order, work has to be far more than just a location you go and passion has to be some thing you take with you – everywhere you go.

If you do not believe a “New World Order” is in the making, then you require to do some far more research yourself. There have been politician after politician quoted utilizing these extremely words, if that isn’t WHAT they imply, then WHAT do they imply by it?

Is this corporate New World Order dangerous to the planet and its community of nations? Beyond dangerous. In that the welfare of countries and their populations are no longer a consideration for these international corporations, this sociopathic New World Order is deadly. Examples of this New World Order is their stripping American workers of twenty to thirty million jobs removing them from the job force, sending their jobs to South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and China, thereby ending America as a manufacturing nation, just to save a handful of dollars per hour in wages regardless of the collapsing of dozens of American cities due to no work or payroll. The devastation caused by these international corporations continues in America with the dramatic drop in circulating dollars now circulating in Asia. This New World Order does not determine with nations or their cultures or populations. It rather identifies with corporate profit formulas and the all-natural resources of countries. With this sociopathic type, ethics, morality, and spirituality are not element components of this New World Order but, to the contrary, are irrelevant if not an impediment to its financial structure. Is this New World Order dangerous? Very. The Viet Nam War, Afghanistan War, and Iraqi War had been all hoax wars invented by multinational corporate defense contractors who sold these wars to the Pentagon by hiring Pentagon Brass at quadruple their salaries “for their cooperation”, and to Congress via wealthy contributions and bribes.